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Truly Unlimited Storage!

User Restrictions

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

Blazing Fast SSD Technology


Great Value

$4.95 / month
  • 1 User
  • 100GB
  • Easy Set Up
  • All Features


Best Choice

$9.95/ month
  • 5 Users
  • 500GB
  • Easy Set Up
  • All Features


$49.99/ month
  • 150 Users
  • Unlimited
  • Easy Set Up
  • All Features

Affordable storage


For your business online cloud backup solution

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Team Collaboration



Now teams can collaborate on any project regardless of where or how they work. Distribute files, update them and re-sync to avoid version control issues. Share the latest versions of documents with everyone at the same time. Get instant access to updates and pick up where you leave off. Accelerate project completion with real-time file edits.


Office online + team sync

Utilize the administrator privileges to customize your business’ storage solution regardless of where your employees are located. Manage your user accounts and gain control of what is being stored. Assign storage areas to each sub-user and authorize their use of services. Invoice the entire account from one single cost center.